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November 8, 2013

no-paypalRange View Kennels is now PayPal free. Why you ask? Let me take a minute and explain.

Here is how PayPal works. When one of our customers makes a purchase from us and uses PayPal that money goes into an account. PayPal takes a percentage and the rest is ours. We access that money with a debit card. We can use it as a regular debit card or just remove the cash. This is our money and no credit is involved.

That said, on October 26, 2013 we went to a local retailer to use our money for the purchase of a firearm. The transaction was declined. Knowing that we had more than enough of our money in the account we had them try it several times. Same response each time. Declined!

After being embarrassed and pissed off we come to find out that the transaction was declined because it was tied to a firearm transaction. PayPal does not allow you to purchase a firearm with your money if you use a PayPal debit card.

In principle we have two issues here. First of all in over 10 years of using PayPal for our business transactions they have made thousands of dollars from us and we don’t feel they should tell me how I can use my money. My money, not credit.

Second is we are in the business of Hunting Dogs, Hunting and Guns. This is how I make a living I make my house payment, pay my car payment, utilities, eat and everything else from the business we have that revolves around guns! I won’t even get started on my second Amendment rights and how the State of Colorado has cut into what I can or can’t do, and is limiting my business. The short of it is that we cannot and will not do business with a company and pay them money so they can tell us how we can spend it.

If they are that opposed to guns then they are not a company we can support or use and we would encourage anyone using PayPal and other companies associated with them to find another alternative. There are lots!

As of now we are no longer accepting PayPal. A new payment system is in place for puppy purchases and HDS the Store will be back up in a couple of days after the retro-fit.

Thanks for your continued support,

Bob &Jenni

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May 1, 2013

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Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas to all our Family, Friends & Customers. Thank you for a very blessed year!

Hunt em up!

Bob, Jenni, Murphy, Willow, Breeze, Sammy, Izzie, Kota, Timber, Lola, Chloe, Guy, Chase, Lacey, Rio & Toby

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