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Purchase Agreement

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Buyers Information



City, State Zip:

Phone #:


Puppy’s / Dog’s Information:

AKC Registered Name: (If Assigned)

AKC Registration #:

AKC Litter Registration #:

Date of Birth:



Microchip ID #:

Sires AKC Name:

Sire AKC Registration #:

Dams AKC Name:

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Terms and Conditions of the Sale

Range View Kennels sells the above listed puppy/dog for the sum of $_________ on ( ). A $200 non-refundable deposit received, balance due of $_________.

All sales are final and subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Health Guarantee:

Every effort will be made by Range View Kennels to assure the puppy/dog you have chosen will be in excellent health at the time of purchase. Our commitment and guarantee to you is that we will not knowingly sell a puppy/dog without disclosing any known health related conditions.

All puppies/dogs at Range View Kennels are under the excellent care of our licensed veterinarians. All animals on site will be current on all their vaccinations and have received the necessary treatments for any suspected internal or external parasites.

Since we are not licensed veterinarians we strongly recommend a health check- up be performed on any newly purchased puppy/dog. Our licensed veterinarians, prior to your purchase, can perform these procedures and issue a Health Certificate on the puppy/dog. All costs associated with the certificate will be the responsibility of the buyer and be in addition to the agreed to sales price.

If the buyer desires a certificate as a condition of the sale a request should be made prior to the purchase. The buyer must make the request no less than three (3) business days prior to taking possession of the puppy/dog.

We strongly suggest all buyers take their new puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian of their choosing for an initial examination. They should also implement an effective health management program with their veterinarian and/or continue with the program started by our kennels.

To keep the guarantee offered to you by Range View Kennels valid, we must insist an initial visit to a licensed veterinarian be completed within seven (7) calendar days of receiving your puppy/dog. During the initial exam should your veterinarian find the puppy/dog to be at a health risk or detect any physical health problems that would require further veterinarian services, our kennel must be notified within 36 hours of the visit.

Conditions or treatments excluded from the guarantee and above-mentioned requirements shall include, but not be limited to, vaccinations and/or treatments for any type of internal or external parasites or bacterial conditions.

The sales guarantee does not include, cost reimbursement by Range View Kennels for the above-mentioned conditions or for any costs incurred by the buyer for veterinarian’s procedures or services performed. Fees charged for the initial examination, and any other procedures the veterinarian performs, or deems necessary to perform, are also not refundable and are the buyer’s responsibility.

In accordance with the above mentioned terms and conditions, we also guarantee the puppy/dog for seven (7) calendar days of receipt to be free of Parvo, Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and Para influenza. In the event your puppy/dog should be diagnosed with these conditions within the guarantee period, our kennel must be notified within 36 hours of the diagnosis.

The puppy and all related paperwork must be returned to the seller accompanied by a legibly written and signed veterinarian report, outlining the complete medical history since the purchase. In addition, all laboratory records used to determine the diagnosis should also be furnished to Range View Kennels.

Any diagnosis in question is subject to conformation by a veterinarian chosen by the seller. Should the seller’s veterinarian not concur with the previous diagnosis, the matter may be presented to a third veterinarian mutually agreed upon by the buyer and seller. All costs for the third examination shall be the responsibility of the buyer. Upon verification, the seller will offer at buyers’ option, a comparable puppy/dog as a replacement, or refund the purchase price to the buyer.

The buyer agrees to take any and all measures necessary to assure the future health and well being of the purchased puppy/dog. The buyer further agrees to maintain an effective vaccination program including routine follow-up examinations by a licensed veterinarian. Should the buyer become unable or unwilling to provide for the well being of the puppy/dog they will notify Range View Kennels for assistance in placing the dog in a suitable new home.

Hip Dysplasia Guarantee:

Your puppy/dog is guaranteed to be free of defects associated with Hip Dysplasia for a period not to exceed thirty (30) months from their date of birth. Since one or more of the causes of Hip Dysplasia is thought to be genetically linked, the following conditions are required of the buyer. Should the buyer choose not to have the procedure performed the Hip Dysplasia Guarantee shall become null and void.

At an age acceptable to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (hereafter referred to as OFA), between 24 and 30 months of age the puppy/dog’s hips should be x-rayed and those x-rays and application sent to OFA for evaluation and certification.

The buyer will be responsible for paying all costs incurred for the x-ray and the OFA certification of their puppy/dog. Should the puppy/dog fail the OFA certification process the buyer may exercise one (1) of the following options:

Upon verification of spay/neuter of the diagnosed dog. (1) A replacement puppy/dog (of comparable value to the puppy/dog at the time of purchase) will be made available to the buyer, subject to availability. (2) A refund to the buyer a sum of money equal to the original purchase price, less any shipping fees or additional expenses incurred by the buyer.

If at any time this puppy/dog is used for breeding purposes, prior to OFA certification “ALL GUARANTEES” become null and void. It is agreed by both parties “Under no Circumstances” shall the seller be responsible for expenses incurred for diagnosis or treatment of the condition. In addition, the buyer agrees the seller in no way shall be responsible for any other expenses, liabilities, or loss of revenue associated from the condition.

Performance Guarantee:

Your newly purchased puppy/dog was bred with the intent of producing the highest quality German Shorthair Pointer imaginable. Our goal at Range View Kennels is to produce German Shorthair Pointers with characteristics that will make them suitable for a variety of sporting applications. Since quality has a high degree of subjectivity, certain needs and desired skill levels vary vastly from individual buyers, there can be no guarantee of performance offered or implied.

In the event a puppy/dog does not meet your expectation, every effort will be made to assist you in placing your puppy/dog in a home better suited for their ability and personality. Again, because breeding and training are not an exact science we can not offer any form of performance guarantees.

Temperament Guarantee:

The breeding program at Range View Kennels is predicated on only breeding individuals who exhibit the highest qualities of temperament and demeanor. The tendencies of a dog, or their offspring, are in many cases a culmination of their genetics make-up as well as life experiences. These traits can be further compounded by the training techniques used in the development of the dog.

Since there is undoubtedly a link between the traits and a dog’s genetic make-up, we at Range View Kennels place a very high importance on these factors. We feel the traits associated with the aggressiveness or shyness of a dog is an undesirable quality.

The tendencies toward aggressiveness or shyness would make the dog unsuitable for training as well as for use in breeding. Further any offspring resulting from that individual would be suspect toward exhibiting these traits. For this reason, these individuals will not knowingly be offered for sale.

The tendency of a dog toward being shy is for the most part a man made condition. Though there are certainly genetic factors that contribute to these tendencies, it for the most part is believed to be highly dependent on the dog’s life experiences. Many of these tendencies are felt to be associated with the socialization of a puppy. We at Range View Kennels feel our program of imprinting our puppies from the first days of their life is a critical part of the dog’s development.

The tendency of a dog to become “Gun Shy” is felt to be linked to the shyness of an individual. Individuals showing, or producing puppies, with these tendencies are not suitable for our breeding or training program. If such a trait were exhibited these individuals will be removed from our program and offered to owners who are able to offer the dog a life only as a pet.

Since there is a high degree of uncertainty in the future temperament of a puppy/dog it is not possible for us to offer our clients a guarantee on these traits in our dogs. Though we feel our puppies/dogs are unlikely to exhibit these traits it is up to the buyer to select individuals whom they feel are best suited toward their desired needs and training techniques.

Pedigree Guarantee:

We at Range View Kennels are committed to the highest degree of honesty and integrity in our breeding program. We offer to our clients the pledge that we will always abide by the rules established by the American Kennel Club (AKC) for registering of puppies/dogs. Our commitment to you our client is that we will never be a part of any fraudulent activity or knowingly breed individuals where such activities are evident.

With the development of the new DNA technologies many questions have surfaced about the validity of individual dog’s registration and pedigree. This could certainly in the future bring to light issues of ethics and may ineffably question the integrity of some owners and breeders.

Since the pedigree of an individual puppy/dog is predicated on the honesty and integrity of the breeder, as well as the breeders and owners of countless previous generations, many of these issues are well out of our control. Because of this we feel the validation of pedigrees and the enforcement of rules of registry lie in the competent hands of the American Kennel Club.

Due to the uncertainty the ramifications of DNA testing may bring and the possible questioning of pedigree and registry validity, we do not offer any form of guarantees on registry and pedigree beyond those issues within our control. We have no reason to suspect a problem within our kennels but should an issue arise every reasonable effort will be made to resolve the situation in a timely manner.

All sales of puppies/dogs by Range View Kennels shall not offer, or imply any form of responsibility or liability for the validity of a puppy/dogs pedigree. The responsibility of Range View Kennels shall be limited to only those breeding issues under our direct control.

It is mutually agreed to as a condition of this purchase agreement that Range View Kennels assumes no liability for any costs or damages incurred as a result of the validity of a puppy’s/dog’s pedigree or registry. It is further agreed that Range View Kennels shall not be responsible to any subsequent owner of this puppy/dog, or to owners of future generations resulting from the breeding of this individual.

Shipping Guarantee:

Due to the distance between Range View Kennels and some of our clients, it is sometimes impractical for them to pick up their puppy/dog at our kennels. At the request of the buyer, we offer to assist them with the shipping of their puppies/dogs by Priority Parcel Service (Approximate cost is $400) via commercial airlines.

Since shipping can place the puppy/dog under extreme stress a Health Certificate is required by the airlines. The certificate will be obtained from our veterinarian within ten (10) days of shipment and be provided to the shipping company. Should any health issues arise due to shipping conditions or shipping stress, a claim between the buyer and the shipping company may be warranted. Because these conditions are beyond our control, the seller assumes no responsibility or liability for the carrier’s actions. All shipment costs are the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid no later than twelve (12) days prior to the puppy/dog shipping.

Deposits & Payments:

Litter picks are based on the order of deposits received. There are no guarantees implied to the availability of a particular sex or color.

Litter picks will be made at four (4) weeks of age. Failure to make required picks in a timely fashion, as determined by RVK will be cause for your pick to be skipped over and for your pick to be placed at the end of the list.

Puppies are ready to go home at seven (7) weeks of age (49 days). Final payment for your puppy is due at that time. Failure to make final payment after eight (8) weeks of age will constitute abandonment and your deposit will be forfeited and the puppy will be re-sold unless prior arrangements are made and agreed to in writing.

Puppies left in our care after eight (8) weeks of age will be charged a boarding fee of $10.00 per day up to ten (10) weeks of age. Payments of all boarding fees must be paid in full prior to the release of the puppy by RVK.

Puppies being shipped will be kept at no charge until nine (10) weeks of age provided all shipping conditions have been met.

Puppies left after ten (10) weeks will be considered abandoned and all payments will be forfeited and puppy will be re-sold unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to in writing.

Bob & Jenni Buckley – Range View Kennels

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