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Fireworks Show!

July 4, 2010

 Mother Nature had a little show of her own for us on the 4th. Tornado warnings, thunder, lightning, 50 mph wind and quarter size hail. (The spots in the pic are hail balls caught in the flash)

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Earth Day Planting!

April 25, 2010

We had two days of storms that left us some snow. The sun came out today and melted it all away. We hope that’s the last of the snow this year.

A couple of days late for Earth Day, Jenni and I spent the day planting trees we got from the Colorado Forest Service. On the south side of the house we planted some Hackberry’s, Sumac and some Cherry trees.

On the southeast corner of the kennels we planted nine Elm trees. We hope in a few years they will provide some shade on some of the outside kennel pens.

Lacey is due to have some puppies this week and we are as ready as we can be. As the storm finished passing through yesterday we completed all the prep work for our new arrivals. We’re very excited!

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Day 41 and Counting!

April 9, 2010

Its day 41 in Lacey’s pregnancy! She has moved from the kennel up to the house and the whelping center. Just a little over 20 days left until we will have puppies again! Can’t wait.

Lacey has not wasted any time making herself at home. She is spending most of her time taking it easy and laying around. Just what the doctor ordered.

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They Say “It’s Coming”

March 24, 2010


Well I spent the last hour of the day buttoning everything up. The clouds are rolling in and I could feel the mist as I finished up the days training. The weather man says we are going to get 12 inches of snow tonight and more tomorrow. All the dogs are bedded down and the wood stove is cooking. Let it snow!

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Leave Us Your Comments!

March 18, 2010


Busy, Busy, Busy…….Lots of training going on right now along with a lot of other things. The new kennels are coming along. We’re waiting for our K9 Kondos to get here. We are slowly switching all our dog houses over to these. Hopefully these will be our last dog house purchases we will have to make. They are supposed to be indestructible. We hope to have these kennels operational in another week. The great weather has allowed a lot of work to be completed. We have one more day of good weather and then another snow storm is going to hit. At least that’s what they tell us.

If you have any comments or questions for us, just leave them here on the site. The new site allows you to leave them just about everywhere, or you can always just e-mail us still too. We’re very excited about the new site! It has a lot of new fetchers.  We are still working on things, but it is starting to come together.

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